A Haiku Deck on Inspiration

I have always thought a lot about inspiration and where the inspiration comes from. From talking to other people that is pretty common amoungst all types of artists in all types of genres to think and search for inspiration.

So Here It Is! Welcome to my Art Blog

Welcome! In between loads of laundry, lesson plans, grocery shopping, attempting to exercise, chauffeuring to the pool and back and a multitude of other chores I have squeezed out time to spend time in my studio to paint and create.  Just as many of my friends and family I search for balance in my life. How does…

Spring Cleaning!

Spring is certainly in the air and I am doing some spring cleaning this afternoon in my Etsy Shop and

Mama and her cubs

There is nothing so fierce and so powerful as the love of a mother for her cubs. This family bear portrait is inspired by this love.

Churchill Inspiration

Some sketches inspired by my trip to Churchill, Manitoba. These incredible bears were amazing to watch.

The Story of the Art Shed

It has been a long time since my last blog post. I have however, been spending a lot of time creating. Summer was full of creating in our new Art Shed at the lake. It actually wasn’t meant to be an art shed. It was meant to be a tool shed at our new cottage….

My New Etsy Shop! 

I recently opened an Etsy Shop with some of my mini canvases. Check out my new shop on Etsy by clicking on the link below.  ArtTimebyTrish

Saturday Studio Time

It has been has been a fairly productive Saturday studio time. I have been working on one pelican mini close ups that are a lot of fun! 8×8 acrylic on wrapped canvas Cal 10×10 acrylic Harold 

Feels like the Arctic

With temperatures at -44 today I was inspired to switch from Pelicans to Polar Bears just for fun.