A Haiku Deck on Inspiration

I have always thought a lot about inspiration and where the inspiration comes from. From talking to other people that is pretty common amoungst all types of artists in all types of genres to think and search for inspiration.

Over the years of being an artist I have gone through many phases in my art. There was my chair phase of the late 90’s, my fascination with interiors and rich textiles. This was followed by my fish and pond phase. Now it is trees, sunsets and flowers. It is always interesting to see how or where the inspiration will evolve. Currently, inspiration comes from the pure simple beauty of life. Those incredible walks at the lake or in a park looking up at the trees or out towards a sunset.  I attempt to capture snippets of beauty and everyday splendour. Luckily I do not need to look far for inspiration.
While thinking about what inspires me I created a Haiku Deck on inspiration.  Something to inspire me and share.

What inspires you?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia C says:

    Trish.. I really enjoy your art! The marble drawings are great. You really capture the jars well.
    Great idea for sure. Thanks


    1. trishrich says:

      Thanks Patricia. I really enjoy trying to recreate the shape of the jar. And I like seeing how the light reflects on the jar and the marbles.


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