Welcome to my art time blog. My name is Trish Richardson and I am an artist currently living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I graduated with a Fine arts honours degree from the University of Manitoba.

I have been an artist for my entire life. I am also a mother of two amazing creative little girls and an early years teacher. I have been extremely lucky to have had many experiences throughout my life and the ability to choose my paths based on passion and interest. Throughout my life changes, phases and new adventures art has always been a big part of my life. I don’t recall a time where art has not played an important role in who I am as a person. I walk through my days whether it be as a wife, mother or a teacher looking at things through the eyes of an artist. The simple things in life are what I find interest in. These small simple things carry the greatest beauty and splendour in and this is frequently reflected in my art. Whether it be a simple pear, apple, a blossom of a tree or a walk in a park I enjoy capturing the simple beauty of those moments through light and colour. I find inspiration everywhere I look!
Creativity is a way of life that constantly needs to be fed.

One of the greatest challenges for an artist is finding this creative time. My biggest challenge in my art career as in many peoples lives is balance or time for everything thus the idea of the blog art time by Trish. I have had to work hard and with the support of my amazing husband have carved out time and space in our busy lives for art.
I have always been lucky to have had so much support and interest in my art from all my family and friends. This blog will follow my artistic journey that I can share with those that have supported me on my artistic journey.

Please visit me on my Studio Page.



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