Welcome to my Studio!

Welcome to my studio!

Two questions I am asked frequently is where do I create and how do I find the time to create? So here it is an answer to one of the questions. The where…. I am not truly sure how to answer the how do I find the time piece because I frequently don’t have the time… but now I do have the space.
Over the years as a painter my studio has been in many locations. My childhood bedroom floor, my parents basement, a really old barn ( Fine art – University days), kitchen table, dining room table, small corner of a loft flat in London, England, my own basement, a windowless room in the basement are a few examples of places I have called my “studio”. Finally after many years of dreaming of a true place to call my studio I have an entire room all to myself to call my studio. Well with kids these days I cannot ever truly say all to myself as I have 2 creative artist daughters so, I have carved a niche in this room for them to create with me. It has been a long journey for my art supplies and a long time coming to finally have an entire room with a window (natural light) to call my art studio. Maybe with these many years of waiting for my own studio makes me appreciate it even more and that is why I cherish this spot on the second floor of my house so much. The credit for my last two studio spaces which have truly been the best places I have ever had to create in is truly due to my amazing husband who always seems to put my needs first. He is a true gift to me as he has been so supportive of my journey as an artist no matter what.
So here are some pictures of my current studio space. My dream space…. It is set up to be functional and is an ongoing work in progress. I have a bulletin board sitting in the corner waiting to be hung. I have stacks of finished and unfinished work. I have considered painting the bright red wall many times but, it is a place to work… to leave things in progress and is frequently messy with projects. But it is a place to get messy, to work, to explore and to be free! Welcome and enjoy this peak into my little corner of the world.

2014-03-27 16.18.05



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