Coffee, Markers and Pelicans

A few of my favourite things…. Coffee, markers and Pelicans… Nothing could be better on a -30 degree Celsius day then dreaming of warm summer days watching the Pelicans. This is my latest closeup mini drawing of Spike. He is one of my favourites. 

Line and Marker Drawings

Carving out some time today to play with my new markers. For inspiration I went back to my summer pelican photos. In some of the drawings I was working on a continuous line. 


I felt like I had to name this fellow. 

Fly Away

Fly away is an 18×24 inch watercolour. It is still in progress. I miss finding these Pelicans on my beach walks as I am sure they have flown south already this fall.  ´╗┐

Pelican Close Up

This pelican has really captured my heart. He is a big one! 

Portrait of a Pelican

This Pelican in particular caught my eye because of the  light and shadow on him. 

 Pelican in Progress

Still in progress. I am enjoying the individuality of each pelican I draw. They are just so fascinating. 

Patient Pelican

I watched this Patient Pelican for a while the other day waiting for his catch.

Latest Inspiration

What is your inspiration?  Lately for me it has to be the pelican. Here are a few pictures that are inspiring my work.

Preening Pelican

Busy summer but, there is always some time for enjoying these incredible creatures. Here is a sketch from today. I was working fast and messy with the water colour this afternoon. Watercolour, pen and ink.