Fly Away

Fly away is an 18×24 inch watercolour. It is still in progress. I miss finding these Pelicans on my beach walks as I am sure they have flown south already this fall.  

Pelican Close Up

This pelican has really captured my heart. He is a big one! 

Portrait of a Pelican

This Pelican in particular caught my eye because of the  light and shadow on him. 

 Pelican in Progress

Still in progress. I am enjoying the individuality of each pelican I draw. They are just so fascinating. 

Patient Pelican

I watched this Patient Pelican for a while the other day waiting for his catch.

Latest Inspiration

What is your inspiration?  Lately for me it has to be the pelican. Here are a few pictures that are inspiring my work.

Preening Pelican

Busy summer but, there is always some time for enjoying these incredible creatures. Here is a sketch from today. I was working fast and messy with the water colour this afternoon. Watercolour, pen and ink.

En plein aire Pelican

I was able to capture a quick pen and ink sketch of this pelican as he sat sunning himself on a rock this morning. 

Dots and Cross Hatching

My children are confused with the lack of colour on this one. Did I run out? No I was just playing around with dots and cross hatching with these birch. Here are a few close ups.