Pelican in Progress

Still in progress. I am enjoying the individuality of each pelican I draw. They are just so fascinating. 

Patient Pelican

I watched this Patient Pelican for a while the other day waiting for his catch.

Latest Inspiration

What is your inspiration?  Lately for me it has to be the pelican. Here are a few pictures that are inspiring my work.

Preening Pelican

Busy summer but, there is always some time for enjoying these incredible creatures. Here is a sketch from today. I was working fast and messy with the water colour this afternoon. Watercolour, pen and ink.

En plein aire Pelican

I was able to capture a quick pen and ink sketch of this pelican as he sat sunning himself on a rock this morning. 

Dots and Cross Hatching

My children are confused with the lack of colour on this one. Did I run out? No I was just playing around with dots and cross hatching with these birch. Here are a few close ups. 

Prairie girl visits the Mountains

In search of snow this spring break we left the prairies and headed west to British Columbia and found huge amounts of the beautiful white stuff in Big White. I cannot get enough of the incredible mountain views. Between skiing I got some time in for sketching.