Summer Memories 

Every summer and into the fall I take millions and millions  of pictures. I capture these moments for later. It is only November and I am going back to these summer memories already for inspiration. Much of my artwork whether it be birch trees or this heron is to celebrate the great beauty that surrounds us. We need to protect this Natural  beauty.


 It was a warm evening and the sun was starting it’s evening descent. My daughters and I had just finished dinner and we went out on our evening walk. This particular Heron was waiting for us around the corner at the end of the peninsula near Victoria Beach. We marvelled at his grace and beauty. We stood in silence watching him. It made us really see how truly lucky we are to live next to the 11th largest freshwater lake in the world. This is a common lesson we talk about at home how we need to cherish and celebrate the great natural beauty that surrounds us… Sadly, the walk we were on was to see how far the Algae bloom stretched along our shoreline. Our lake is very sick. Many of the other pictures we took that evening were of the blue -green toxic algae that was washing up along our shoreline making it impossible to go into the lake. This will be my children’s memories of summer. We were lucky to find this heron and I hope that one day my children will be able to see this lake healthy again. These are my thoughts as I work on this drawing in my sketchbook. 


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