Post 101!

It has taken two years approximately to get to 100 posts but, yesterday I made  it. To celebrate my 100th post I have changed up my page a little as I begin my 101st post. I began this blog somewhat doubtful that it could or would continue this long. I began blogging 100 posts ago because so many friends and family would ask about my life as an artist. One day someone said  “Hey, why not start a blog to share your art with others?!” and I wondered to myself how will blogging fit into my life but, let’s give it a try. Why not? So I began my journey as a blogger. This blog became a sneak peak into my messy, full studio. An attempt to capture what inspires me and my creative journey. So in between parenting, teaching, report card writing, cleaning house, driving kids to the pool and back, painting and all the other things I have found snippets of time to slowly add to my blog. The one thing that has been consistent for me as a blogger is my inconsistency in posting. Looking back I feel I have been fairly successful  with my goal for this blog and an underlying theme emerges through my art which is to celebrate the simple beauty and joy of small and everyday things and of course my love of nature.

And as we all are busy and all lead full lives I have connected with so many other artists and other people who are also on the journey to find balance and the time to lead a full life. I have to thank everyone who has followed my creative journey at any time throughout these 100 posts. Thank you to those that have encouraged me, emailed me, commented and liked my posts.  I am grateful for all your support and your support does help my creative journey. My new goal is  200 posts!


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  1. says:

    Well done Dear. Loved the progress. Saw my wonderful piece too!! I love to look at it on our wall and think of those wonderful trees and V.B.


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