Inspiration Along Rushing River

Last weekend I was away on a family camping trip to Rushing River. A little short break from cottage life. I am so used to the incredible landscape of Lake Winnipeg but, I do love to see the rocky terrain of the Canadian Shield landscapes.  What a beautiful place!  And of course I am always drawn to the water. I think I love calm water, rough wavy water and now of course Rushing Rivers.  Between hikes and swimming I carved out some time to sit with my sketchbook by the Rushing River. I had just brought my sketchbook and markers but, watched another artist enviously painting en plein air. Maybe next time. I have never really drawn/painted rushing water before so this will be a new artistic challenge for me.  I am currently looking for advice on painting rushing water. What I did read is it never works out the first time which I am discovering is true! But I will keep working on it and post anything. And of course maybe I am overthinking it.   I did love photographing the water from every angle! So I will share some other images of the river.

IMG_6776 IMG_7122 IMG_7047IMG_7013


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