Happy Spring Break!

It is hard to believe we are at the end of March already. It has been a very full month. I have neglected the blogging lately but I am back With spring break and a fresh new sketchbook.

I am lucky to have so many true passions in my life my family of course always being at the top. This blog has been devoted to my life as an artist but, I will touch briefly on my past month an early years educator. This month a lot of my focus has been on one of my other great passions which is teaching children to write. I had the honour of being mentored and collaborating  with Regie Routman, an author of many books and an expert in North America on  teaching children how to read and write. I worked with her in my class on really building onto the writing program to provide students with rich, deep learning and raise the quality of writing. Along with it came an audience of 45  watching me teach which was a different experience for me altogether.  A lot of my time  has been devoted to this and the class study. It was an incredible experience and it has left me a stronger teacher. I am looking forward to spring break though and have started it off with the purchase of this beautiful new sketchbook and Windsor & Newton watercolour markers. Throughout this month I did squeeze in time to paint. I will be posting a few pieces of these latest pieces this week of spring break. I am also so looking forward to filling this sketchbook.


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