I Hit 30!

I am wishing I hit 30 would mean my age but hey I am a little off. What I have hit is over 30 posts! And how many birch tree paintings later…. So I will take this opportunity to thank everyone that is following my blog or checking in and and sending me such positive feedback.

I started this blog after frequently being asked about my creative process, about what I am working on and how do I find the time between family, work, activities that come with a young family and the process of art. But within these 30 posts I am seeing much more than simply sharing a few pictures and thoughts. There is a great benefit in the sharing process. This online journey has kept me motivated to create and share. I am not as regular as I should be with blogging but I try my best to fit it in weekly most of the time which means I have to make my art time a priority on a weekly basis or more. I have been creative I would say on a daily basis this summer which is so important. With this experience I have also found having an audience helps the creative process. Being able to share so quickly with friends and family and receive such amazing feedback has been inspirational and kept the creative drive flowing. So thank you!
I have also met other artists and creative people online through this experience and they have even shared their work with me. What an amazing gift. So I will continue…. and I hope you will continue to check in as I continue my journey as an artist living in a busy world.

My stack of birch is continually growing. And here is another completed birch watercolour and ink.








One Comment Add yours

  1. margaret richardson says:

    I love those trees! When are you going to paint one for me? Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 17:10:30 +0000 To: marric@mymts.net


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