Colour Palette Must Haves for Summer

Art supplies are one of my passsions. What can be better than a fresh new sketch book or new pencil crayons freshly sharpened or markers or even better new paint?!?
While some are trying on shorts and bathing suits I am searching for manganese blue and new sketch books. Well actually both.

My winter list of supplies would be so different than my summer art supply list. During the winter in my studio I primarily work with acrylics on canvases in a variety of sizes. But in the summer I need to be more mobile. my creating time is outside or away from my studio.

Once summer comes around I pull out my water colours. They are so much easier to pack and take with me as I basically move to the cottage. Water colours and acrylics I find have such interesting differences in the way they are handled. I like these differences it gives me an artistic change of pace. The biggest difference is how white is used. In watercolour I rarely use white paint. My whites and highlights come from the whites of the paper. So when I start a watercolour I really have to be mindful of where my lights are and leave them untouched. With acrylic, I use white paint and frequently put the highlights and whites on at the end. Of course there are always exceptions. But when I return to watercolour in the summer I feel like I must approach my paintings backwards.

So beyond white I always select a variety of colours for my palette but lately, I always make sure I have a select few favourites.
1) Maganese blue is my summer all time must have lately. I find it is perfect for summer blue skies.
2) Cerulean blue and cobalt blue are also amazing blues I like to have on hand.
3) Ultramarine blue and burnt sienna mixed or layered create amazing shadow colours.
4) Gamboge Hue is another must have for my palette. It is amazing for adding that summer glow. I often do washes using this colour for an under painting.
5) Sap green for those leaves.
6) Alizarin Crimson

What are your colour must haves for the season? And as summer draws to a close my palette will change.




src=”” alt=”20140701-151731.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />




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