A beautiful long weekend for en plein air

I don’t really have to go far to find incredible clusters of birch or poplar trees that reach into the blue sky.

Or do I have a long walk to see some incredible sunsets with vibrant colours that reflect into the lake. It has been a long winter away from this incredible place but, we are back. It was somewhat unreal this May long weekend to sit sketching on the sand in the warmth of the spring sun and to look out onto a frozen lake. It was like glacier meets sand. But it is the reality for this lake and this beach. This beach’s incredible sand covered for a good portion of the year with snow and ice. Throughout our long winters while I am away dreaming of summer time the trees continue to reach into the blue sky leafless… That fascinates me.
This weekend there was the odd bud but, the trees still empty and beautiful. These long winters maybe make us appreciate this beautiful summer place that we hold so dear. Maybe that is why capturing it through paint, drawing and photos is so important to me.

This weekend, our first weekend back at Victoria Beach I kept my art supplies simple so that I could bike or walk, move easily from one location to another and fill my little book with inspiration to bring back to my studio. My supplies were simple & limited. This simplicity of supplies and limited palette choice makes for an interesting creative challenge. How can I replicate this light, this colour with 6 aqua markers and a sharpie?
That is my kind of fun on the weekend. I really loved using the markers.

Here are some snippets from my weekend of sketching and my sketchbook. More soon to come.
I hope everyone had a moment or two to enjoy the spring and get creative. I would love to hear about it!20140519-211003.jpg20140519-211017.jpg20140519-211044.jpg20140519-211131.jpg





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