Beautiful Sunday!

It was such a beautiful Sunday. Finally, a day without layers and layers of outer wear. Finally a day where you could really see the snow disappearing. The snow banks are receding. Finally. It was also the last day of Spring Break.

I am looking forward to seeing my kiddos in class tomorrow and hearing all about their great Spring Break Adventures. There  will be lots of greetings, hugs, laughs and stories. But the leisurely days long morning coffees in the studio or cuddling with my daughters is over for the time being.

Today with this beautiful day in mind and the fact it was our last day of  holiday the girls and I struck out to search for Spring. Any possible signs of spring would be captured by my IPhone and recorded for scrutiny.  Bikes, scooters, helmets and my iPhone (to record any signs we could find) Both of my daughters were incredibly invested in this activity. We were gone for quite a while. I could hear my youngest as she slammed on her brakes of her bike every few meters  shout with great seriousness

“I found a sign!!!”

I wish I could say the signs were blooms, buds on trees or plant life popping through the soil but, alas we live in Winnipeg… So it is the mud, a small amount of brown grass,  the cement, puddles, litter uncovered (we brought a bag and collected some but, sadly would need a wheel barrow to collect all the cigarette butts, discarded wrappers and cups) and other interesting things. These snippets of spring have inspired me and so have my daughters energy. Here are a few snippets and our interpretation of spring captured by myself, a nine year old and a five year old.

After our walk I had some time to work in my sketchbook which was a treat.

Here is a sample sketch from our walk by La Seine. I used my art markers and a sharpie on this quick sketch. I was really taken with the reflection of the trees in the river today so took my own direction from our walk with this.

Reflections- excerpt from my sketchbook






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